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Chinese car (motorcycle) parts base whispering Danyang

In October 16th, China Automobile Industry Association formally awardedDanyang "Chinese car (motorcycle) parts manufacturing base" title, this is another country signs in Danyang following the "glasses production base in China" acquired.

Auto parts industry is the characteristics of Danyang city industry and one of the pillar industries, 100 industrial clusters in Jiangsu province was included in the key cultivation, now has the vehicle and parts production more than 800 enterprises, employing 35000 people, has become an important national car(motorcycle) one of the spare parts production base.

2009 sales of 15000000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 30.3%, the city accounted for 15.88% of sales income, with annual sales of over 5000000 yuan more than 262 enterprises, sales of over a hundred million enterprises reached 28, is expected in 2010 sales revenue will exceed 20000000000 yuan.

Danyang auto parts industry has formed from the R & D, production,marketing, testing, logistics, training and professional industrial concentration area as one of the industrial system, built at the provincial level, automotive lighting testing center and National Laboratory of East China lamps,Automotive Lamps City "and" China steam distribution city "of the two majorprofessional market turnover reached 3000000000 Yuan and 2000000000 yuan, the East China Automobile Lamps City by the State Council Development Research Center as the largest auto market of lamps and lanterns. The world 500 strong enterprises Henkel, Germany Heraeus and other 98 companies have to invest and build factories in Danyang, a total investment of 566000000 us dollars. More than 100 enterprises and FAW,SAIC, Dongfeng, Foton and other domestic OEMs supporting, the 60anniversary of the 2009 National Day military parade, the parade cars andtractors are used on the Danyang super power, the new spring, Tong Ming,Lin Quan and so on enterprise manufacturing parts.

At present, Danyang city has formulated the "auto industry development strategy and planning study", "on accelerating the cultivation of the auto parts industry a number of opinions", is actively forming auto parts industry public technology innovation service platform, to accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, striving for "national high quality auto parts production base", the auto parts industry development.