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Auto parts export performance

In April 13th, B2B company Alibaba (1688.HK) issued Alibaba China exports in the second quarter trends report said that China's second quarter (Q2) year-on-year growth is expected to reach about 30%, of which the mechanical andthe luxury goods industry bears the brunt, electronic components will also usher in opportunities.

Analysis report, auto accessories, health care and home gardening industry's export performance is also worth looking forward; on the contrary, the export situation of communication products, consumer electronics and sportsentertainment industry is not very clear, especially the export situation of communications products industry will be very tough.

"China's exports to the United States index began to surpass China's global exports index, a quarter from last year in December, the index continued to rise, growth momentum is better than the global average, indicates that the United States in the two quarter will continue to become the main drivingengine of China's exports." Alibaba staff analyst Zang Fengjie said that the United States in the two quarter machinery industry, jewelry watches and other luxury goods will have better performance.

Allegedly, there are 60000000 registered users, Alibaba platform on theinternational market more than about 18000000 users. Alibaba China exporttrend report is based on the about 18000000 overseas customer purchase orders and enquiries data. Prior to this, Alibaba predicted the first quarterexports will increase by more than 23% in the first quarter and the export growth rate -- 26.5% -- very close.