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The traditional auto parts to the IT parts successfully turned

To realize the structure optimization in the expansion of the total structure optimization, to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, innovation andupgrading, is the strategic choice for the economic development of Chongqing.Today, this newspaper will launch a part has a leading role in the enterprise, to show its charm.

We"3 years ago, we are mainly produce auto muffler muffler supporting enterprises, in the market, our market share has reached more than 80%." Chongqing Jing YueIndustry Group Chairman Xu Jun said that in 2009, with the artificial cost, managementcost, material consumption costs rise, corporate profits dropped significantly.

Xu Jun said that in 2012 July, Chongqing for the next 5 years of industrial investmenttarget, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the city has completed 1.5 trillionindustry investment, of which eight hundred billion will be produced in IT industry. "So I decided to transition to the direction of."

Xu Jun side to send technicians to IT company to learn, understand the market demand; a person to internal training in the IT industry. In 2009, the construction ofFoxconn Technology Group Chongqing industry base construction, the industrialbase will be the construction of a $10000000000 machine and supporting the industry chain. Xu Jun immediately and contact Foxconn hopes to become the supporting business.

"Foxconn immediately on our visit, investigation report and then given is not satisfied.We propose the Foxconn investigation report in question, a correction, and set up a special team, according to Foxconn for supporting the standard rules."

In 2011, Chongqing Jing Yue Industrial Group invested thirty million fundinginfrastructure and the purchase of equipment. In 2012 October, the third survey,Foxconn in 2013 January, signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Foxconn,responsible for to provide Foxconn with fins and other core parts of the production.

"At present, IT accessories business accounted for the main business of the company30%. This part of the industry can increase six to seventy million output this year, totaloutput value 1/3." Xu Jun said: "the transformation of the former, our per capita GDP 5 to 60000 / month, now, the per capita output 300000 / month; previously, we each minute 60 products per minute, now 400."

Xu Jun said: "we have signed a long-term agreement and the American BS company,so will not give up the muffler production. The promotion of industry upgrading andtransformation. So, every year we took more than 3% of the profits of the project, the purchase of manipulator, automatic welding machine."

It is reported that this year the company's output value so far, has more than300000000.