Taizhou Sophia gas friction parts Co., Ltd. is engaged in auto parts, motorcycle accessories, generators, carburetor gasket gasket, cylinder gasket, sealing parts, rubber parts, reducing oil seals, asbestos rubber sheet, paper pad, gasket, gasket, lawn mower, electric hoist ship engine oil seal, gasket, cylinder gasket manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing and sales and service of professional manufacturers.
The company is located in China's coastal city - Taizhou Luqiao, companies in the domestic construction of high and low temperature resistant sealing ring (a) product demand is increasing and the most special conditions seals rely on import situation, the depth analysis and optimization of production technology and technology companies, the successful launch of a special high temperature resistant and low temperature resistant series sealing ring (a) products, the products in the various technical requirements (especially in high and low temperature resistance aspect) can meet the requirements of most of the domestic conditions. Special requirements and for the user to provide tailor-made sealing solutions.
Company based on the long-term goal, with high-end product market traction, in truth, innovation leads the future. The company gathered a group of high-quality management team and technical team, professional marketing team, the company always adhere to the "integrity cast brand, technology to guide the future" for the purpose, in line with "the quality of this legislation, cooperation and win-win, back to society" business philosophy, dedicated to provide quality products and thoughtful service to clients at home and abroad efforts to achieve "the humanities. To build first-class enterprises, cast Chinese seal brand." enterprise objectives.